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Cappo Protein Shake

Cappo Protein Shake

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High protein, low carb, big flavour, perfect any time.

Finally. A high performance, plant-based complete protein shake that tastes amazing and promotes active recovery and gut health too. Cappo’s velvety-smooth coffee and cocoa blend is crafted to support lean muscle mass, and it’s packed with prebiotics and anti-inflammatory superfoods. Strong foundations from the inside out — the ultimate Cappuccino!

  • Rebuild muscle with 20g complete plant protein
  • Reduce inflammation with turmeric and black pepper
  • Restore gut health with prebiotic fibre

Ingredients: Complete Plant-Protein blend (Pea Isolate, Brown Rice, Pumpkin), Cocoa Powder (12%), Prebiotic Dietary Fibre Blend (Chicory Root, Citrus Fibre), Decaffeinated Freeze Dried Coffee (8%), Thickener (Tara Gum), Pink Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon Powder, Turmeric Extract, Vanilla Powder, Plant based sweetener (Stevia), Black Pepper Extract.

Nutritional value per 38g serve: Energy KJ/KCal 513/122, Fat 1.6g, Of which saturates 0.6g, Carbohydrates 3.3g, Of which sugars 0.4g, Protein 20.2g, Fibre 6.8g, Salt 0.6g.

Electrolytes: Sodium 252mg, Black Pepper 20mg, Turmeric 200mg.

Amino Acids: Leucine 1511mg, Iso Leucine 729mg, Valine 840mg, Aspartic Acid 1967mg, Glutamic Acid 3199mg, Serine 970mg, Glycine 768mg, Histidine 492mg, Arginine 1735mg, Threonine 670mg, Alanine 802mg, Proline 218mg, Tyrosine 800mg, Methionine 369mg, Cystine 220mg, Phenylalanine 1005mg, Lysine 1132mg, Tryptophan 67mg.

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